The BERNINA 580 Sewing and
Embroidery System
The perfect companion for a variety of sewing
projects The BERNINA 580 sewing and embroidery
machine is simplicity in itself. The clear and easy to
navigate color touch screen gives you access to
hundreds of stitch options and beautiful built-in
embroidery designs. Onscreen editing features for
sewing and embroidery provide even more design
flexibility. You will have everything you need to set
your imagination free.
The BERNINA 550 Sewing Machine
The machine for the established hobbyist with
a passion for quilting.
The standard package of this machine
includes both the Walking Foot and the
BERNINA Stitch Regulator, making it the
perfect match for you as a quilter interested
in a combination sewing/embroidery
machine. The extensive range of available
BERNINA accessories offers you the choice of
expanding your creative options. Experience
other sewing specialties such as heirloom,
home decorating, crafting and garment
sewing with the B 550 QE.
The BERNINA 530 Sewing Machine
530 A machine for the established hobbyist
If you enjoy your sewing hobby, want a full
size machine and don’t embroider, the B 530
is a great fit for you. With your choice of
BERNINA accessories, the B 530 will take you
from crafting to home decorating to quilting
with ease.
And the 530 is compatible with the BERNINA
Stitch Regulator
At the top of the 3 Series line, the
BERNINA 380 truly shines with its
unique look and countless features.
A modern, bright LCD display lets you
keep track of the functions you’ve set at
all times. Direct-selection keys allow for
quick and easy operation. The
start/stop button, speed control, semi-
automatic threader, automatic
buttonhole and fast stitch-selection
functions save time and enable precise
sewing and patchworking. The bright
LED sewing light, extension table and
free-hand system increase sewing ease.
Stylish sewing really can be this simple
Superior design and features
in a quilter's package.
Whether stitching clothing
or home décor items, quilting
or simply mending,
BERNINA 350PE gives you
the freedom to explore a
wealth of creative techniques.
Quality and precision in a
well-designed package.
BERNINA 330 leads the way
in design and technology. Its
modern LCD display, bright
LED sewing light and
convenient features make
sewing even more enjoyable.
The BERNINA 5 Series:
the clever specialists
The BERNINA 215 provides you with
everything you need for a good start in
creative sewing, and can be upgraded
as your own ambitions grow.
BERNINA 7 Series -
Sew longer and faster
with fewer interruptions
“skins”: Your own
The BERNINA 780 offers
many features to make
sewing easier. Inventions
such as the
semi-automatic threading
system, the
Stitch Regulator (BSR),
BERNINA Dual Feed,
and the embroidery
system, are proof of this
superior quality.
The BERNINA 750 QE includes a meticulously-
engineered extra-long freearm with ten inches / 254
mm of space to right of the needle—plenty of room
for large sewing projects. With more space and the
added benefit of the super-sized embroidery area,
your creativity can have free rein. And when you’re
ready to expand your options, you’ll find a wide
range of accessories available to help you develop
your quilting and sewing skills.
The BERNINA 710 includes a
extra-long freearm with ten inches
to the right of the needle
- plenty of room for large of room
for large sewing projects.
BERNINA Machines
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Be prepared to experience the ultimate sewing machine, BERNINA, Made to Create.
The BERNINA 3 Series:
simply stylish sewing
The BERNINA 880 is our most sophisticated creation
and leaves nothing to desire. Discover new stunning
functions like the Stitch Designer or the Color Wheel.
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